IOM Results

Wednesday 21.11.18

midweek IOM Wind10-12mph, Temp 6’ bright but cold.5 skippers today 4 on A’s 1on Bs Course was set as Start 5&6,7p,2p and finish 5&6 for 13 races from 10 till 12.30.             Peter suffered with electrical then sail problems right from the get go, Malcolm similarly with rigging gremlins and decided to give in then help Peter get a few races in still on a B rig and hung on in there surprisingly well.       The day went tit for tat between Geoff John and Keith, but the later then took the last 4 races to win the day on 16 points from geoff on 20 and John on 24. The wind did find the upper limits of the A’s but not enough to tempt any changes.                N.B.  There’s still time to book in for the 2nd Decembe


Wednesday 14.11.18


Midweek IOM Wind South West 12 mph Temp 14’ and really bright.Today we sore 6 skippers all on A rigs on a course set at Start7&8,11p,Xp,11p,Xp and finish 8&9. We got off to a bit of a late start at 10.30 had 12 mostly close races and was done at 1.15.

DSC_2382 Dave Sellens was kind enough to loan his boat to Terry for the day with Terry out for the foreseeable future. Peter never got further than race one with all sorts of issues and understandably threw in the towel. Geoff lost his boat to the dark side for the 1st 2 races and Malcom only got as far as race 4 before the gremlins struck, both John and Keith failed to finish races, Terry the only skipper to stay on the water all day ( you can’t whack a borrowed boat)🤙Dave.            We did have a couple of visitors look in with a view of joining the ranks. After a gorgeous day of wind and sun John came out on top with 16 points from Keith on 22points and Terry on 25 points who was extremely grateful to Dave for the loan of his boat




Wednesday 31.10.18

midweek IOM Wind 1 race at 2mph,2 Races at 14mph & 2 at 11 mph on a bright 15’ day Course Start 7&8, 11p, 5p & finish 7&8. 6 skippers started on A rigs, only one changed down to Bs only to find the wind had dropped after a prolonged break. Skippers dropped out for various reasons and the day was done with by 12am


Wednesday 24.10.18


Midweek IOM. Wind 2-8 mph, Temp a sunny 16’.  8 skippers today for 12 races between 10.20 & 12.45 on a course set at Start 8&9,6p,10p, and finish between 7& bank.

Lots of fluke winds and as we finish it turned 180’ and picked up to about 12 mph.             Malcom won the day with a consistent performance and finished on 15 points from John on 24points and Geoff on 28 points. A few minor issues for some but all fixable.

N.B. Please park on the grass Sunday for IOMs

IOM Racing Wednesday 17 October 2018.

A grey day with six yachts on the water.  Wind zero to 5mph from south west.  Start line 7 to 8, 12 to port, X to port and finish as start line.  Much sharing of yachts as Geoff’s spare boat developed winch problems so he borrowed Dave Sellens yacht from race three.  A prospective member used Malcolm’s boat from race five and did quite well.  Weather could have been better but a pleasant day.


Wednesday 3 Oct

Wind2-4 mph Temp 14’.   3skippers /11 races from 10-15 till 1-00 on a course set at Start bank&6th, 7p,Tp,7p’ & finish bank &6 , later we change from Tp to 5p,6p.

With a total lack of promised wind it was hard work particularly at T mark. John won the day on 10points from Dave on 16 and Terry languishing back on 24 points


Sunday 30.9.18 Monthly IOM.

Wind North East 3-8 mph Temp 13’.

We had 11 skippers today all on A rigs for 12 races and after a long delay in deciding on a course we finally got underway about 10-40 through to 1-30.  The course was set at Start 8&9, 6s, 2p,9p and finish between flag & 6. Today 132 boats started and 132 boats finished ( must be a record) ,because of the conditions there was a fare amount of RG bargy at the start line and some new excuses were used and also at turns 6&9 the congestion was avoidable.

Dave Crane had the miss of the day whilst in a strong second place( but was the first to laugh) good spirit Dave and John didn’t much like the windward mark. We had a welcome visit from Graham today with his newly acquired charge and properly showed us up by winning the day on 18 points from Dennis on 30 points and Malcom in 3rd on 35points.  👍.

NB please note the scoring in race 3. Places 3&7. I’ve once again shared the 10 points 5 each.

PS next week 1st round of the members DF65 Autumn series that runs to the end of the year


Wednesday 26.9.18 midweek IOM

Wind 3-8 mph Temp 22’nice!     5 skippers all using A rigs had 11 races from 10.35 till 1.15. Not an easy day to set s course but we settled for Start 8&9, 12 p,10p,Xp,12p,10p,Xp & finish between 8&9.

No breakdowns today apart from Terrys ankle( a big thanks to Geoff for getting him and his gear back to the car park).

Malcom ran away with the day and recorded 8 wins and 10 points from Geoff with a hindered start to the day on 20 points & John in 3rd on 22 points. Keith had a mixed day chasing set up in what were very swirling conditions.

PS Don’t forget its IOM this Sunday


Wednesday 19.9.18 I.O.M

Wind 15 mph @ 10-00o/c Temp 20’ but you wouldn’t have thought it.

4 skippers 3 on B’s and 1 arrived late and went straight to C’s. A course was set for Start between 8&9,12p,Xp and finish between 8&9. Geoff was put out with a rudder problem for the day before the race 1 Start,Terry’s boat right on the money on B’s, but the wind got up and C’s were the way to go, Keith still on B’s lost his boat to the dark side and realised 1 race to late that C’s were the answer. With all the faffing about and a friendly attitude towards rig changes it was a late start to the day , however we got 10 race done and it was GF 5/6 by 1o/c and all agreed enough was enough.All 3 skippers incurred jump start penalties, a couple of protest in wicked conditions and that was about it really , Terry won the day with 11 point( 5 wins) from John on 14 points (4 wins) and Keith in 3rd on 18 points. A very enjoyable day in some serious winds

Wednesday 5.9.18 IOM Weekly.

Wind 2-6 mph Temp 15’dull and drizzling. 5 skippers all on A’s has 9 long races between 10.20 & 1.20 on a course set at Start 7 and flag, 6p,11p,6p,11p and finish 7&flag. With an on off wind the moto was never give up and we had some very close finishes and some over close efforts at the marks. Close racing gave Geoff a 1 point lead over Malcom, Keith on a mixed day was a lonely 3rd, Dave with a tooth ache gave Terry a chance for a dead heat for 4th ( or last if you want to be cruel)

Wednesday 29th August 2018

Midweek IOM
Wind Northwest 2-5 MPH
Temp 13°  and wet
6 skippers braved the rain on a miserable wet morning
Starting at 10;30 to 1’oclock
Four l.. o..n.. g races.
Course was set at start 8 and, 2P, 10P and finish 8 and 9, this was altered from 2P to 5P after 5 races
Malcom suffered more battery issues and missed the last 2 races
Geoff won the day with 9 points from John on 14 and Keith in 3rd place on 16 points
The wind fell right off and despite shortening the course and the dreary weather most were ready to call it a day.

HMS 2007 Scoring v2.2q 22Aug2008

Sunday 25.818 IOM Monthly

Wind 8-14 mph, Temp 16’ Six Skippers today all arriving early ish to beat the forecast, we got underway at 10.20 through to 12o/c when the rain did arrive , everybody started on A,s. A course was set Starting between 7&8, 15p, Xp finish 7&8 Geoff was out after 2 races with water ingress ( to many cruises it’s dried out) Glenn, Dennis and Terry change to B,s for the last 3 races and that after a brief practice so Terry’s boat out with sheeting issues. James was visiting for an hour or so and had a race using No91as did Geoff for a race or two. As you can see from the results to top 3 were very consistent, Dennis with 6 firsts, John with 6 seconds and Glenn with 5 thirds and a fist. With the higher winds came the rain and with only 3 boats left on the water we called it a day . P.S. for those of you that haven’t glazed over yet the CREW of No 91 came 4 th. next meeting 23.9.18

Wednesday 22-8-18

IOM weekly
Wind south-west, 5 to 8 mph, temp 17°
A dull misty start saw 5 skippers all on A rigs set on course with start 11 and 12, 13P, XP finish 11 and 12
Geoff never got his boat on the water due to a seized winch (too many cruises) and Malcom didn’t finish a race due to battery problems so Dave shared his boat number 91 with them, and the day turned into a more social event.
End result boat 91 won the day with 6 points from Terry on 12 and Peter on 15. We had 8 races from 10:30 to 1’oclock


Wednesday 15.8.18. IOM.

Thanks to Terry for report and Jay for the results

WIND Southwest 8-12 mph, Temp 20’ 4 skippers today had 7 races from 11o/c till 12.45 all using A rigs The course was set at Start 8&9,12 p, X p, 12 p, X p & finish between 8 & 9.        close racing today with gust causing some nose diving at the exit of 12 and some dead spot at the exit of X ,normal for this course but quite unpredictable at times.

Dave Sellens took the honours today with 10 points (3 wins) Terry was 2nd with 11 points (2 wins) & Malcom 3rd on 12 points (2wins)


Thanks to Terry for results

Wind South West 10-14 mph ,Temp 24’ with a cool breeze. We had 7 skippers today 6 using A rigs and 1 on Bs. A difficult day to set the course thus causing a delayed start to proceedings. However a course was set at the start between 8&9, 13p,Xp, and a dash to the finish between 8&9 with a total of 12 races finishing at 12.55. Peter choose to go with B rig throughout the day and probably paid the price. Quite a lot of rigging repairs and tweaking and tuning going on with boats off the water across the days racing. The changing wind was the real winner on the day catching even the best tuned boat/skipper combination out , but none the less Keith managed a score of 25 from a real close 2nd by John on 26 and Dave in 3rd on 31 With a few breakdowns and a late lunch the fleet never returned to the water, hum!

Wednesday 1 August

Six skippers turned up today, Malcolm, Terry, Peter, Keith, Dave Crane and Dave Sellens, to a lake devoid of wind! A couple of races were run but the lack of wind made them less than enjoyable for most, really only Dave S and Malcolm being able to make the best of the condition, with Dave taking the wins in both races. It was decided to break for coffee after these two races and at the same time Malcolm suffered a rudder issue that was irreparable lakeside. Conditions did not show much signs of improving and Peter decided to call it a day, Dave S also decided not to bother putting his boat back in the water. Terry and Keith both returned to the water to have a sail, followed some time later by Dave C when the wind decided to actually blow, couple of races were run with honours being taken by both Keith and Terry. Everyone decided enough was enough by 1pm. Given the conditions of the day it was decided that the day be put down to a simple social sailing day without the recording of official results.

IOM 18 July

Thanks to Terry for report and results

Wind south-south West 0-4 mph. Temp 25’ 6 skippers has 6 races between the total lols in the morning session, a course was set at start between the 11&12 , p14 ,p8 for 2 laps and finish back at 11&12 .Due to lack of wind it was a late start and an early finish at 1o/c with a long break in between.                  John managed to get the best from his boat by sailing a very direct course and won the day on 6 points from Geoff on 12 and Malcom in third on his return to IOMs on 14.  Despite the slow conditions there was still plenty of action at the crowded marks, and from the rear of the fleet easy to predict it would end in tears


IOM 11 July 18

Thanks to Terry for report and results

Wednesday 11.7.18. I.O.MWind northeast 5-10 mph, Temp 18’, 5 skippers all on A rigs had 18 races starting at 10.30 through to 1.30.  The course was set at the start between 11&12,P8,P14 & finish between 11&12.  A real mix of conditions made the starts quite a contentious issue with both port and Starboard being used resulting it a fare amount of penalties. Keith won the day  from John one point ahead of Geoff . No real breakdowns to report


IOM 4 July

The wind was Easterly at 7-8 mph, Temp was a very comfortable 24’ we had 4 skippers all using A rigs and had 5 races from 10.30 till 12 .15 when disaster struck when Peter lost another keel ( he’s only been back a few weeks with this new one). Bad luck Peter.     We recover his boat after immediately abandoning the race and were in no mood to continue.  However the course for the day was Start. Bank & 12, 8p, 13p, 8p, 13 p & finish between 11 & 12.  Dave won the day with 4 straight wins ,so well done to him on 4 points, Geoff & Terry were both on 9 points but Geoffs win gave him 2nd from Terrys 3rd .

IOM 27 June

Wind East changing to North East.9-12 mph,Temp a very chilly 22’ Five skippers arrived all on A rigs for 12 races starting at 10.45 am with the last race finished at 1.45.                  Course started at the Bank a 12,PT@9,PT@13,PY@9,PT@13 and finished between 11 & 12.  Dave never got to race due to a damaged rudder and Geoff only managed 3 starts due to rigging failure. Keith won the day with a flourish of winning the last 5 races and finishing on 16 points ,Terry & John both scoring 20 points  with John taking second place on the day with his taking 4 wins against Terry’s 2.

Mark 9 was the main point of interest due to the complete lack of wind and trying to arrive on Starboard seemed to leave you open for attack, but was raced fare ( most of the time)🤔