International One Metre

Club racing of the International One Metre Yachts at Coalhouse Fort RYC takes place on Wednesday mornings throughout the year. The club also plays host to a Number of Regional and National meetings during the year on Sundays – see club calendar.

The International One Metre (IOM) is the most popular RC Racing yacht in the World and is raced in over 30 Countries Worldwide. Although Carbon fibre is allowed in the construction of the Fin and Rudder, construction of the hull must be of either wood or Glass fibre. This makes the class very popular for the amateur builder and most of the professional builders have plans and kits for home completion.

We recommend buying 2nd hand to start off, but under the guidance of club members. This way the right boat can be selected for you. Quite often word of mouth is a good source, but lOM’s for sale can be found on the Model Yachting Association website. http://www.mya-ukforum.

The club is proud of the achievements, within the sport, of a number of its skippers. Currently within our ranks we have at least three of the top Regional and National skippers from whom much can be learned about racing and boat setup. Close and competitive racing makes this class our premier class within the club and one which is rewarding for any skipper to take part in.