DragonForce 65 Results

Sunday 19 Aug

Wind South West12-16 mph & some, temp20’.  7 skippers today using B and C rigs for 14 races from 10.20 till 1.20 Course. START 11&12, 14p, 8p, and finish 11&12.   James and Jonny used Bs through out the day (no Cs) And George changed up for the last few races.   Dave Sellens loaned his Cs to Geoff hence the number 91 on the water.                 Malcolm and Terry finished early with transmitter and rudder gremlins and James strove to overcome pesky little issues all day. 5 of the skippers did at least record wins on what was an enjoyable but tricky day ( tacking was not always a given).                        Jonny was a convincing winner with 21 points ( even winning from the far bank after he recovered his boat) , making his brother James eat a big lump of humble pie in doing so. Nonetheless James got 2nd place on 39 points and Mr consistent Geoff in 3rd with 42 points ( first time on a C rig) and has never used a B either so well done to all those little victories we had today


Sunday 12 Aug

Thanks to Terry for report and results

Wind southerly 8-13 MPH and a lot of 20+ gusts. Temperature 18’

Today we had 10 skippers using a choice of rigs but A’s being preferred choice (all 4 were used at some point in the day). The course was set as start between 7 and 8 then 12P, XP, 12P, XP and finished between 7 and 8. The first race got underway at 10:10 and the final race was done by 1 o’clock due to a depleted field and the rain had arrived.

The day, to be fair was difficult especially for James and Terry with breakdowns, Dave Sellens had to go early and lent his boat to Terry who managed to break that as well.

Some skippers were trying to guess the wind and changed down to B or C rig but A was the one to use.

Dennis stole the day and won all 10 races so 8 points to him, Geoff Howell (Mr consistent) was 2nd on 20 points and our guest for the day (and for the future we hope) was third with 36 points, he also acquired a 2nd boat today so he and his son can race 👍

I must also mention our other junior Jay Daltrey who managed a 2nd and 3rd once he regained his confidence.

Another day without much need to ask for penalties to be done especially in such tricky conditions.

Sunday 5.8.18 DF65.

With thanks to Terry Wright for report and results
Wind Easterly 3-8 mph , Temp 26’.   We had 6 skippers today for 12 races and all using A rigs. The first course was set at Start bank & 7, 4p ,7p,4p,7p & finish between 4&5 for the 1st 6 races , the second course was set at Start 8&9,s6,s4, p7,p9 & finish between bank &6. Terrys day was troubled from the start with electrical gremlins,
The conditions brought about some ambitious moves at the marks resulting in a fare amount of penalties being done, all quite voluntarily its fare to say. Malcom with a lot less mistakes came out on top with 15 points from Keith on 20 and Geoff Howell in 3 rd on 23.
Well done to those Guys


Sunday 22.7.18. DF65 weekly meeting.   

Wind Westerly 4-8 mph (horrible) Temp 26’ (stuffy).    7 skippers today all on A+ and a difficult day to set a course, we kicked off at 10.10 on a Start between 8-9, p12, pX and finish between 8-9 for 19 races that finished at 1.30. Glen had a good day and came out on top with 31 points from Geoff Howell on 35 and Geoff Appleton on 45. The wind was anywhere from becalmed to gusting to much for the A+ particularly at Mark X and did cause quite a few lost positions to the dash to the finish line.  Just the one breakdown today for Keith with a bat flattery.  A memorable day in so much that you didn’t get a chance to protest because the sinner was already doing their penalty turn ( keep it up lads).      PS forgot to remind you it’s IOM next Sunday


Sunday 15 July

One again finishing orders are being recorded showing more than one boat with the same number as finishing a race. E.g See what was recorded this week for race 5 as an example of poor recording. It is the responsibility of whoever finishes first to ACCURATELY record boats finishing orders.

Wind South West 3-4mph increasing to 8-10 mph by end of play.Temp 32’ in the car park at 2o/c 6 skippers had 11 races all on A+ rigs on a course starting between the bank and 13,p 11,p12 ,p13,p11, p13 & finish between 11&12 .The 1st race started a little late at 10.10 whilst we waited for some wind . Most skippers seemed to be tweaking there sails most of the day apart from Keith who sailed away to win the day on 9 points from Malcom on 16 and Dave on 29. We had a winch failure on one boat after 5 races but other than that the sailing just got better as the wind picked up gradually till the last race at1.25pm

Sunday 8 July

Thanks to Terry for report and results

Wind North East 5-6 mph , Temp HOT 9 skippers contested 12 races from 10.15 till1.30 with pleased to report no permanent break downs all day.(there’s a first).
The course was set at Start. Bank And 13,P11,P12,P13,P14,P11,P12,P13 & finish between 11&12. George had a bit of a personal issue with mark11 (5 times in total)& lost every time & mark 14 could catch the unwary out at times. Once again we took turns to sit out and observe and today’s lesson was to listen to what they reported and not argue .
The days honours went to Malcom ( which included 7 wins from 10 races), from Dennis in second & Geoff Howell third . It was a good turn out on such a hot day and some really close racing (and I do mean close)


Sunday 1.7.18.

Report and results thank to Terry

DF65 weekly meeting Wind 12 mph, Temp 28’(but I nice cooling breeze on the bank) 8 skippers arrived for 8 races from 10.30 till 1.15ish on a mix of A & A+ sails. Course for the 1 st 3 races was bank &12, pt @ 9,pt@12, pt@9,pt @12 & finish between 8&9 Course for the rest of the day.
Start bank& 12, pt@8, St@7, pt @ X,pt @12. One more lap and finish between 8&9. Malcom gave a briefing before racing and the end result was that 1 skipper would observe each race and would be allotted there average points for this race ( to the nearest full point).
Jim took the day on 7 points ( despite a detour) Malcom helped himself with 2 late race wins to finish 2nd place on 14 points and Terry after a pre race breakdown finally turned his boat to take 3rd place on 16 points. We had a welcomed visit from John & Cathy that was nicely timed with our extended lunch break ( it was hot ).
A very good days racing with on the water politeness in abundance