DragonForce 65

Dragonforce 65 Yachts have gathered quite a following with the yacht being responsible for introducing a good number of new faces into the world of radio sailing.

The Class is raced under rules as set out by DF Racing UK Class Association, a copy of which may be downloaded from: https://dfracinguk.com/df65-rules/ rules.

Being a restricted class the rules prohibit much in the way of modification. Thus the boats are all identical in specification which results in racing that is close and competitive relying on the skills of the skipper’s sailing to achieve results.

Club Racing of the Dragonforce 65 Yachts at Coalhouse Fort RYC takes place on most Sunday’s throughout the year. Exceptions to this are when the lake is required for Regional or National events for any class of Yacht – see club calendar.

Coalhouse Fort RYC has hosted national events for this class of racing and it is the intention to host an annual CHF RYC Trophy Open Meeting which will be sure to attract many of the top skippers from the class.