Wednesday 20/06/18 IOM


I.O.M. Midweek win S,W 12 MPH, temp 20’ – 25.
COURSE START 8-9, 12 port turn, X port turn, 12 port turn, x port turn, finished between 8-9.
First race was at 10:40am
Last race started at 1:40pm.
We had six skippers, three started on A rigs, 3 on B rigs.
Geoff suffered electrical problems during race 4 and Dave then shared his boat with Geoff to allow him to continue to sail, hence their overall scores belied their actual on the water performance during the day.

Two more skippers moved down to b rigs, only Terry remained on a rig all day.

It was a day of many wind shifts and John managed to read them best with 18 points from terry a close second on 19 points and Keith on 24 points.
1 John Horsfield 18
2 Terry Wright 19
3 Keith Gray 24
4 Geoff Appleton 36
5 Dave Sellens 41
6 Peter Herbert 42

Sunday 17.6.18 DF 65s

Sunday 17.6.18 DF 65s Temp 16’ Wind 6-8 mph gusting to 12 mph. Course Start. Bank and 7,port turn @12, port turn @8, port turn @ 7, port turn @12 and finish between 7&8. 1st race at 10.40am with 4 skippers on A and A+ rigs had 8 races and finished at 1.30.

Only a few skippers on Father’s Day. Dave Sellens suffered a battery failure causing a fare bit of damage before he even started. Terry won the day on 6 points, with Bill on 11 & Steve on 17 after missing the last 3 races with rudder failure. A strong wind on race 7 saw Bill take advantage on his A rig. Probably the best condition we’ve had for a while gave an enjoyable days racing.

PS   Don’t forget its IOM NEXT SUNDAY the 24 th


Racing Times & Sail Numbering

Following discussions resulting from 27 May event. The official club rules over the matters in hand are as follows:
Race period:  Official club racing for scored results takes place between the hours of :
Wednesday and Sunday –
10:30 am and 2 pm for DF65 and IOM
2pm and 5pm (or dusk if earlier)  for DF95
Variations to these times can be made by the Race Officer of the day – BEFORE  any racing commences.
Sail Numbers : 
All sail numbers and markings must adhere to class rules as dictated by respective MYA Class Association rules.
Any number which is illegible from the distance of the bank and the far side of the lake mark will not be scored and a fleet +1 score recorded
Multiple sail numbers : No sail number may be raced that clashes with another boat/s on the water at the same meeting. If such an incidence occurs and both boats involved are sailed both will be disqualified from the event and marked as such on the score sheets.
The club rule regarding sail numbers is quite simple. Irrespective of a hull number or a PSN. The boat which is sailed at a club event first  and is recorded on an official club score sheet record take precedence for that sail number. The subsequent boat must append a prefix as advised by the Race Officer in order to compete I.e for two boats with same sail number a prefix 1 will normally be advised, if a third boat clashed then a prefix 2 etc.
Personal sail numbers do not have any specific rights and the above rule applies, People who make application to obtain a PSN should ensure that no existing boat carries the sail number they wish to obtain at time of application.
For Open meetings the first come first served situation applies. i.e if a clash occurs the number will be allotted to the boat first entered,

Report from IOM 27 May 18

With thanks to Terry Wright for the report

Sunday 27th May IOM Monthly meeting  warmed up to 25c and mostly bright with a NE wind starting the day at about 8 mph but slowly fading to2/3 mph then lift to 5 mph.        A course was set with the start between 13-14,port turn @ 9. ( later move to 8 after a wind shift ) port turn @ 11 , port turn @ 9, port turn @ 13 and finish  between 10-11.  We had 12 skippers arrived, Malcom suffered a winch failure before he even got going and Dave Sellens allowed his boat to be used throughout the day by some of club skippers who visited us for the day ( with no points being recorded). We managed 16 races finishing at 2.45pm. Because there were 2 Number 23 boats on the water this created no end of problems throughout the day and will not be allowed to happen again. The end result of this being that in race 12 the boats finished 1st & 4th. Not being able to identify who was who I allotted them 2.5 points each thus dropping 1 skipper from 2nd to 4th on the day ( let the lesson be learnt ). Any way Dennis won the day on 35.5 points from Jim on 40 points (3 wins) & Glen on 40 points (1 win ) Keith finished 4th on 41.5 points. So with 14 skippers at the lake and a fair share of transmitter swapping in the later stages a very enjoyable day was had by most….

Results for the days club meeting


For those who wish to know how they faired in the unofficial  6 races after race 9


IOM Sunday 27 May


Before todays club meeting started members gathered in the car park to make a little presentation to Geoff Appleton to recognise his and Jan’s milestone of 50 years of marraige. Dave Sellens called members together and much to Geoff surprise a few words were said:

” Geoff the club has had to put up with your odd, belligerent and sometimes grumpy ways as a member and chairman for quite a number of years now. …………However these years pall into insignificance compared to the 50 long years Jan has had to put up with you.
Fact is though that neither could do without you, your a stalwart in both Marriage, and of the club. Many congratulations to you both on reaching the Golden Wedding milestone and on the clubs part we would like to present you with this small gift you can both share over romantic evening away from the interruptions of Boats, Caravan Cub rallies and Fishing lakes!”

On que Malcolm Schaffer stepped forward and presented Geoff with a bottle of Champaigne that he and Jan can sit and enjoy,  though wether the aspect of the romantic comes to fruition the jury is still out on!

At the Lakeside

Special mention and thanks needs to be given to James Beal, whilst not an active participant in IOM racing he gave his time to assisting in the race management, acting as line judge, race observer as well as recording finishing orders. All contributing to the days events.

IOM 23 May

Temp of 16 degrees but very chilly NE wind blowing around 10-15 mph with a few 20+ gusts.

Geoff started the day with his No1 rig, whereas the others elected to go with No2’s, until midway through the 7 races when went with No 1 rigs. The course was challenging being set as a start between 7&8 port turn at 6, port turn at 8, back to a port turn at 6 then a long run down to 12 before a finish between 7&8.

The end of a very enjoyable day finished with Geoff taking the honours for the day with 6 points with both Dave & Terry sharing 2nd place on 14, both having scored a win during the day unusually resulting in a dead heat even taking a countback into account.