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The Coalhouse Fort Project have once again kindly permitted us to make use of their Cafe for our AGM.

Attendees are requested to ensure that when leaving the premises they ensure that no litter is left and that tables and chairs are put back neatly in place around the tables.


2018 AGM Proposals and Nominations


Proposals, Motions and Nominations have been received for the 2018 AGM, these can be viewed in pdf format via the following link:

Please note: Now updated with Terrys proposal, please download again if you already have done so already

2018 AGM Proposals2018 AGM Proposals

Potential Issues

A lack of any Nominations for some committee positions could pose problems with being able to run the club effectively in the coming year.

The positions  in question being:

  • Club Secretary
  • Webmaster/Facebook Admin
  • IOM Class Captain
  • Bosun/Equipment Officer.

The Club Membership campaigned for a formalised Committee to be established, but this can only be achieved if people step forward to take on the roles.  If no one comes forward then it will not be possible to form a Committee, where would that leave us?

  • Without a Secretary the club would not be able to function efficiently.
  • Without a Webmaster/Facebook Admin, news and notices would not be published.
  • Without a Bosun/Equipment Officer, necessary maintenance, repairs and upkeep of racing equipment will not be possible.
  • Without an IOM Class Captain, the class would not be represented.

If you require information regarding any of the above roles before accepting a nomination please contact Geoff and he will advise accordingly.

The Club also has a pressing issue with regard to the 2018 AGM. As we do not currently have a Club Secretary the position arises that there is no one to take and produce Minutes of the AGM. Without this being done, nothing will be able to be recorded and any proposals, motions etc will not be officially recorded. This task is key to being able to correctly hold and run the AGM.

We are therefore looking for a volunteer to step forward and undertake this key role.

If we are unable to find a willing volunteer by 8th Dec there may be no choice other than to postpone the AGM until such time we are able to find someone to undertake the roll. A decision as to being able to hold or adjourn the AGM will have to be taken at least a week prior to the AGM Date 15 Dec in order to give members prior notice.

Sunday 24th Nov

Sunday 24th Nov will be 7th round of the DF65 Autumn series.

Reminder the date coincides with the CHF Project annual service of remembrance at the fort, parking for our members will be on the grass

As previously advised all boats will be required to be taken off the water and a two min silence will be observed by our members in unison with the CHF Project service observance. Details will be advised during the meeting briefing.


A reminder that the deadline, in line with the club consitution,  for reciept of Motions and Nomination for club Officer positions to be put forward at the AGM is this coming Saturday 17 Nov