DF65 Autumn Series 16-12-18

Sunday 16.12.18 DF65 9th Round of the Autumn Series. Wind 5-7 mph. Temp 9’ & sunny. We had 9 skippers today all bar new boy Paul on A+, a course was set with start Flag & 7 which varied from that & 7&8 throughout the day 11 p, 7p, & finish 10 & 11. The first race was a no wind affair but then stayed constant for the rest of the day, glad to report no breakdowns, no visits to the dark side and some very close finishes due to the choice of route to the line.Other than a bit of port/ Starboard contact on the far side of the lake and a bit of crowding on the start line everyone sailed in a very sporting manner. Yukio took the honours with 6 wins and 22 points ( well done) from Jonny with 4wins and 32 points and Mr C in 3rd on 44points. Buzz had to leave early only doing 8 races ,Terry threw away some good chances and George is getting new glasses by next weekend. It was agreed freely that it was a perfect day with 2 breaks and 16 quality races NB. If you ever wonder why I call you girls “ today I couldn’t hear the starter for all your quelling “

Report by Terry

Sunday DF65 161218.jpg


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