Wednesday 20/06/18 IOM


I.O.M. Midweek win S,W 12 MPH, temp 20’ – 25.
COURSE START 8-9, 12 port turn, X port turn, 12 port turn, x port turn, finished between 8-9.
First race was at 10:40am
Last race started at 1:40pm.
We had six skippers, three started on A rigs, 3 on B rigs.
Geoff suffered electrical problems during race 4 and Dave then shared his boat with Geoff to allow him to continue to sail, hence their overall scores belied their actual on the water performance during the day.

Two more skippers moved down to b rigs, only Terry remained on a rig all day.

It was a day of many wind shifts and John managed to read them best with 18 points from terry a close second on 19 points and Keith on 24 points.
1 John Horsfield 18
2 Terry Wright 19
3 Keith Gray 24
4 Geoff Appleton 36
5 Dave Sellens 41
6 Peter Herbert 42

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