Sunday 17.6.18 DF 65s

Sunday 17.6.18 DF 65s Temp 16’ Wind 6-8 mph gusting to 12 mph. Course Start. Bank and 7,port turn @12, port turn @8, port turn @ 7, port turn @12 and finish between 7&8. 1st race at 10.40am with 4 skippers on A and A+ rigs had 8 races and finished at 1.30.

Only a few skippers on Father’s Day. Dave Sellens suffered a battery failure causing a fare bit of damage before he even started. Terry won the day on 6 points, with Bill on 11 & Steve on 17 after missing the last 3 races with rudder failure. A strong wind on race 7 saw Bill take advantage on his A rig. Probably the best condition we’ve had for a while gave an enjoyable days racing.

PS   Don’t forget its IOM NEXT SUNDAY the 24 th



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