Racing Times & Sail Numbering

Following discussions resulting from 27 May event. The official club rules over the matters in hand are as follows:
Race period:  Official club racing for scored results takes place between the hours of :
Wednesday and Sunday –
10:30 am and 2 pm for DF65 and IOM
2pm and 5pm (or dusk if earlier)  for DF95
Variations to these times can be made by the Race Officer of the day – BEFORE  any racing commences.
Sail Numbers : 
All sail numbers and markings must adhere to class rules as dictated by respective MYA Class Association rules.
Any number which is illegible from the distance of the bank and the far side of the lake mark will not be scored and a fleet +1 score recorded
Multiple sail numbers : No sail number may be raced that clashes with another boat/s on the water at the same meeting. If such an incidence occurs and both boats involved are sailed both will be disqualified from the event and marked as such on the score sheets.
The club rule regarding sail numbers is quite simple. Irrespective of a hull number or a PSN. The boat which is sailed at a club event first  and is recorded on an official club score sheet record take precedence for that sail number. The subsequent boat must append a prefix as advised by the Race Officer in order to compete I.e for two boats with same sail number a prefix 1 will normally be advised, if a third boat clashed then a prefix 2 etc.
Personal sail numbers do not have any specific rights and the above rule applies, People who make application to obtain a PSN should ensure that no existing boat carries the sail number they wish to obtain at time of application.
For Open meetings the first come first served situation applies. i.e if a clash occurs the number will be allotted to the boat first entered,

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