Report from IOM 27 May 18

With thanks to Terry Wright for the report

Sunday 27th May IOM Monthly meeting  warmed up to 25c and mostly bright with a NE wind starting the day at about 8 mph but slowly fading to2/3 mph then lift to 5 mph.        A course was set with the start between 13-14,port turn @ 9. ( later move to 8 after a wind shift ) port turn @ 11 , port turn @ 9, port turn @ 13 and finish  between 10-11.  We had 12 skippers arrived, Malcom suffered a winch failure before he even got going and Dave Sellens allowed his boat to be used throughout the day by some of club skippers who visited us for the day ( with no points being recorded). We managed 16 races finishing at 2.45pm. Because there were 2 Number 23 boats on the water this created no end of problems throughout the day and will not be allowed to happen again. The end result of this being that in race 12 the boats finished 1st & 4th. Not being able to identify who was who I allotted them 2.5 points each thus dropping 1 skipper from 2nd to 4th on the day ( let the lesson be learnt ). Any way Dennis won the day on 35.5 points from Jim on 40 points (3 wins) & Glen on 40 points (1 win ) Keith finished 4th on 41.5 points. So with 14 skippers at the lake and a fair share of transmitter swapping in the later stages a very enjoyable day was had by most….

Results for the days club meeting


For those who wish to know how they faired in the unofficial  6 races after race 9



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