IOM Sunday 27 May


Before todays club meeting started members gathered in the car park to make a little presentation to Geoff Appleton to recognise his and Jan’s milestone of 50 years of marraige. Dave Sellens called members together and much to Geoff surprise a few words were said:

” Geoff the club has had to put up with your odd, belligerent and sometimes grumpy ways as a member and chairman for quite a number of years now. …………However these years pall into insignificance compared to the 50 long years Jan has had to put up with you.
Fact is though that neither could do without you, your a stalwart in both Marriage, and of the club. Many congratulations to you both on reaching the Golden Wedding milestone and on the clubs part we would like to present you with this small gift you can both share over romantic evening away from the interruptions of Boats, Caravan Cub rallies and Fishing lakes!”

On que Malcolm Schaffer stepped forward and presented Geoff with a bottle of Champaigne that he and Jan can sit and enjoy,  though wether the aspect of the romantic comes to fruition the jury is still out on!

At the Lakeside

Special mention and thanks needs to be given to James Beal, whilst not an active participant in IOM racing he gave his time to assisting in the race management, acting as line judge, race observer as well as recording finishing orders. All contributing to the days events.


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