Dragon Force 65 A+ Rig

Having now received the required number of votes from members to represent a majority decision it can now be advised that in line with the Class Association rules the A+ rig is now permissible for use in club racing at Coalhouse Fort.

Members are reminded, as with all other aspects the A+ rig must conform to Class Association rules.
(see: https://df65racing.files.wordpress.com/2017/03/dragonforce-65-restricted-class-rules-v1-61.pdf )

Sails are either those supplied by the Builder, or made to the dimensions and construction as
described in Section H by other manufacturers or individuals.

All spars and rig fittings are restricted to those supplied by the Builder. Permitted changes are
described in these rules. Rigs may be construction using any version rig components, or any mix thereof, provided
a component is used only for it’s designed purpose as described in the Builder’s Rigging Instructions.

Sail numbers must conform to Class Rules See: https://df65racing.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/sail-numbering-diagram.pdf
Failure to conform with the Class Association sail number convention may result in the boats finishing position not being counted.


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