Annual League 2016 to date

We have developed an Annual League for the Mid-week IOM Championship Series over 2016.

Basically we have taken the Scoring system used by the MYA Eastern District which awards 100 points the winner on the day, 10 points to last place and the rest is spread evenly across the board. So if there were 10 skippers, 1st Place would get 100 points, 2nd 90 points, 3rd 80 points, 4th 70 points, down to last place with 10 points.

By clicking on you will find an Excel table identifying the following:

Skipper; Sail No.; Number of Events entered; Half + 1 best Scores(with discards marked in pink cells); Average and Total Score to date.

The table is currently sorted based on Half +1 best scores , but can be sorted on Average; or Total Score if required.

In addition those skippers who have won on the day are identified with the score in Green.

Any comments?


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